Cancellation & Returns

We have a Liberal Returns Policy

Time Duration for Cancellation:
You can cancel your order within 3 working days by calling us or email us if order is not processed. And if your order is processed then we will inform you by mail.
If order is processed or delivered then you need to give us cancel request in 7 working days after receive of products.
You can send back the item you have purchased from us in its original condition and with tags in same package within 7 days after receiving the products, in case you do not like it for any reasons.

In case of genuine fault from our side, we will refund the money excluding the shipping cost or we may replace the product without additional charges.

Cancellation Charges: Cancellation is free; we don't change anything for cancellation.

How to send the returns?

For queries regarding product alteration or for sending the item(s) back to us for alterations please send an email at: After receiving your mail our representative will call you for more details and if we think that reason is valid then we will mail you Return Authorization form. Return Authorization form contain return address so you have to send product to that address.

If you have any questions or clarification you can contact our customer support, we shall assist you for all process.

Customer Support:

Mobile: +7048703023

Terms and Conditions

We would entertain the return, only if it is sent with the successful submission of the Return Authorization Form.

Returns would not be accepted for custom made / stitched clothing, including readymade stitched Sarees or Sarees stitched with custom blouse, Jewels. However, we would accept returns if there is any faults from our end.

We do not accept any returns after 7 days of receiving the shipment.

All products should be returned in original condition with tags intact as attached in the dress. Presence of original tags is a must to accept returns.

Any complaint with regards to damage or stains or stitching or any other should be reported to us within 24 hrs after the receipt of the products. We may ask for a digital picture of the same in order to review the same.

Refund on Returns

We will not refund the custom duties, taxes, if applicable, or paid by you at time of receiving the goods.

At any point of time the refunds will not exceed the actual value of the goods.

All refund will be processed in 3 working days after products return.

We will give refund in same account through which we receive payment.