Color Disclaimer firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual outfits or accessories ordered.

All color options offered on the net are an exercise to provide our customers with the maximum available choice.

It is practically impossible for us to replicate the same colors on an outfit as seen on your monitor.

A slight variation in the shade selected by you is considered as a normal practice as these garments have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and weather.

We wish to clarify and ascertain that every customer who orders any outfit from aarvitechnology is aware of this genuine problem.

Our effort will be to meet your expectations constantly and thus avoid any misunderstanding or discrepancies through our online venture.

We trust and have faith in our customers for making our online venture successful so that in every transaction, we can deliver and probably exceed customer expectations and beyond.

While ordering on internet, we suggest that customers should be extra careful of following

  • Red, Maroon and Orange colors have a higher tendency to reflect a different shade then other colors. For example even if you yourself try to photograph from a digital camera or scan a red garment, in most of the cases it will show either as Maroon or Orange on the computer monitor.

    Though imaging technology has advanced, still no fool proof solution to this problem is available at the moment.

  • Many a times Green and Blue also overlap. Same is the case with Off White, White and Cream colors.