User Guide

Step By Step Procedure to Purchase Any Product Form
WELCOME to We are grateful that you choose us for your shopping. You need to follow below steps to buy any product from our site.

2. Once you have visit you can see many categories in our store you need to just select right category for you. Please find “Search Product” option at the Right top corner of the page, from where u can find your specific requirements.

3. Our recommendation is to search through categories, which help you to get in touch with new trend because we daily add new items. For that just select proper category in top menu.  
4. For example, you want to buy saree, move your curser on women category, (left top corner of the page) new small window will pop up, which contains wide range of sub categories.​

5. Find your requirement category in menu bar and click on the product of your wish...
When you click on any category it will open all products in that category. And if sub category are available then It will display subcategories.


6. New Page will open of you’re required product, left side of the page you can find filter, namely price, colours, fabrics, style, occasion etc....
7. Now, you can see huge collection of you’re require product, click on the product you like the most than new page will open....
Left side of the page is you’re fabulous selection and right side contains price and basic shopping features... move your curser on image, an automatic magnifier will help you to see more clear towards your selection and help you to evaluate your requirement and selection.

8. By clicking on ADD TO CART, top right side new slider will pop-up, this is your whole collection you want to buy from our web site.In detail page check all details about the product and once you feel that everything is ok then click on add to cart button so selected product is added in your cart and at that time top right side slider will pop-up open where you can see all products you added in cart.
Note: Please Once Check Size, ShippingDays, Quantity, And Description.
9. Afterwards click on go to SHOPPING CART, new page will open that contains the entire products you added in cart.
  • Once user click on Go to Shopping Cart, user show Below Screen.

10. In the above page u can see three buttons at bottom right,.  
UPDATE CART:  Helps you to update your shopping cart if you have added or removed products from shopping cart.
CONTINUE SHOPPING:  If user want to make continue shopping then simply click on continue shopping button, once click on it user redirect to home page and allow you shopping continue.
PROCEED TO CHECKOUT: If user is sure that now all perfect and want to place order then just click on this button it will bring page for shipping and payment options. When you try to go on this page if you are not registered user then allow you to register 1st and if you are register user then just login with your details.

11. Now User need to login to account, for login user need to enter Register email and Password then need to click on LOGIN Button.  
NOTE : If user not register in and wants to register then user can create new account by simply click on CREATE ACCOUNT button.
12. If user click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button then below page will open in which you have to enter your Information.

13. You don’t want to register in and you want to continue purchasing than you have toclick on GUEST CHECKOUT option, where user need to enter basic Information and then site will allow user to process order.
14. Once you login or register than you will be directed towards below page wherein you have to choose billing address, shipping address, payment method and shipping method and please share your experience with us.

Here you can chose different Payment Method.
1 > COD (Cash on Delivery)
3> Bank Transfer

Once you have chosen provided option, Simply Click on PLACE ORDER button. By Click on this button your order will be placed in and you will be redirected to thank you page where you can take print out of invoice.